Miche purses

Fantastic Miche purses are a great new innovation, Miche purses are highly customizable, they come with magnets so you can change the shell!

Never change your handbag again! Just buy a Miche Bag and start customizing with the interchangeable covers!

No need to move your items from one purse or bag to another, now keep your stuff in the same place and instead swap the shell.

Keep one bag with you all day whether at work, socializing, the gym, etc . Perfect for the woman on the move.

And forget about having a closet clogged up full of handbags because now you only need one.....

Interchangeable Cover Handbags

Finding it hard to keep up with the latest trends? All your problems are solved by having up to fifty customizable purses with one bag!

Think about that for a minute. No more shopping for new bags, no need to change a bag you love because the fashion has changed. Does your bag not go with your outfit? Simply change the shell to one that does.

With so many covers to choose from there is no need to change your bag ever again!

If the available covers are not enough for you read on to find out how to make your own custom ones too.

How do Miche purses work?

First you choose whether you want a black or brown base bag, these are both the same size and there is also the Miche Big Bag if you need more space.

The covers (called shells) then attach by powerful earth magnets and snap on with ease! The whole process takes just seconds.

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Fun interchangeable covers

There are different shells for both the small and big purses. They can be sophisticated designer shells or funky or chic! Meaning you will be covered for every outfit and situation that you can think of.

Popular shells include the Pink Cori, Zoe, Sidney, Barbara and White Audrey.

Custom Miche Purse Shells

If the exhaustive list of shells was not enough, Miche purses can also have custom shells, made by you!

You can have a picture put on both sides of the bag, in all sizes. Just make sure you own the rights to the photo.

The images are printed on bridal satin and you can choose black, white and tan thread options.

Where to buy Miche?

The web is full of fake products so be careful when looking for your bag, head over to the official The Official Miche Site to make sure that you get the real deal.

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Comment by: tessa
Wed February 17, 2014, 05:18

So glad i found this site, thanks for all the great information! does anybody know where the cheapest place to get the shells is?
Comment by: Miche fan
Wed February 17, 2014, 14:55

Have recently bought a Miche bag for my daughters birthday, thanks for the information
Comment by: Ariah
Sat September 11, 2014, 10:37

These purses are so cool !
Does anyone know where I can purchase them? I want to get one for my mom for Christmas but they are impossible to come accross?

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